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Emergency Technology Clients
Database Systems Corp.

Partial List Of Our Emergency Notification Clients

emergency technology clients Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of call center technology including emergency phone dialers and service.

Throughout our history, DSC has had the privilege to provide its products to a wide variety of customers, both in the private and public sector. During this period, DSC has licensed its extensive line of products throughout the world, from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, England, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, to virtually every state of the union.

DSC provides call center services and products within virtually all major industry categories. From communities and schools to small business operations, DSC products help improve the productivity of individuals and organizations.

Contact DSC to learn more about our emergency broadcast services and phone systems.

Here is just a partial list of some of our emergency notification system and service customers.

    Adams County Memorial Hospital
    American Red Cross
    AT&T Wireless Network Control Center
    Bayer Polymers
    Bronxville Public Schools
    Canadian National Defence
    Columbus, OH - U.S. Post Office
    Conoco Phillips
    Consumer Power Line
    Crook County
    Episcopal Diocese Of Texas
    Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport
    Microsoft Corporation
    Parsons Infrastructure & Technology Group, Inc.
    Seattle Center
    Seven Hills Charter School
    Redondo Beach Fire Department
    Tulare Joint Union High School District
    Vieja Valley School
    The Westchester Corporation

Additional Database Systems Corp. Clients

Database Systems Corp. has been providing solutions to our customers since 1978. The following are just a few of these clients that we have proudly served in our history.

Advanta Financial Corp.
Advanta Mortgage Corp. USA
Alert Communications
American Express Travel Rel. Services
American Red Cross
Arthur Andersen And Company
AT&T Communications
Bank of America
Bell Atlantic Mobile
Blue Cross & Blue Shield
Catholic Diocese
Chadwicks of Boston
Citicorp Investment Bank
Colgate Palmolive
Danish Ministry of Defense
Direct Response Marketing
Fletcher Steel
Ford Motor Company Limited
General Electric Company
General Foods USA
General Telephone Co. of California
Great Expectations
Honolulu Board of Realtors
Iowa Light & Power
J. Crew Outfitters
J.M.Stewart Corp.
Johns Hopkins University
KB Homes
Kuwait Oil Company
Land O’Lakes, Inc.
Lockheed Shipbuilding & Construction
Lord Abbett
Maryland National Bank
Massachusetts Higher Education
MCI (Los Angeles)
MCI Telecommunications (VA)
Merrill Lynch
Met Life Inverstors
Microsoft Corporation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Moore Data Management Services
Mosby Year Book, Inc.
N.J. Dept. of Human Services
N.J. Dept. of Treasury
National Computer Systems
New York State
Orange County Transportation Auth.
Orion Pictures Corp.
Pacific Lumber and Shipping
Paging Network
Pizza Hut
Proctor & Gamble Inc.
Quasar Company
Rand McNally & Co
Rutgers University
San Jose Hospital
Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Division
Sara Lee
Savannah Electric & Power
Sears Motor Group Ltd.
Shepherd Of The Hills Entertainment Gp.
Southern Pacific
Subaru of America, Inc. Syracuse University
Telecom Australia
Telemarketing Corp. of America
Tennessee Valley Authority
Texas State
The Living Scriptures
Thrifty Rent-A-Car Systems, Inc.
TNT Fireworks
Transamerica Fund Management
U. S. Geological Survey
U. S. Postal Service
U. S. West
United States Dept. of Agriculture
University of Arizona
University of Buffalo
University of California
University of Colorado
University of Iowa
University of Rhode Island
University of Sydney
Valley National Bank
Value Line
Verizon Wireless
Walgreen Company
Washington State/Labor & Industries
Weiss, Peck &Greer, LLC
Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Xerox Medical Systems

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